Making Orange Juice and Shucking Corn

The 4 older kids were at bible camp all week last week, and it was 105 with the heat index, so we made the best of it!

Making fresh orange juice, Ethan needed a little help, the lid kept flipping off when he would push the oranges on it, but he did pretty good.  The older kids have all made their own since home, and had no problems and very much enjoyed it!

Showing off his work lol. But he didn't want to drink the orange juice, he tasted it and said, mama I want apple juice lol... 

Helping shuck corn for dinner, it took a while, but he did it himself  (which he was very proud of.)  We have a chart set up, so every night a different child gets to help make lunch and dinner, everyone seems to be enjoying it!

Supplies :

Clear Tray purchased at a local Dollar Tree
Clear bowl purchased at local Dollar Tree
Orange Juicer purchased at Montessori-N-Such

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