Designing Treasure Chests

So I have been busy trying to get all my planning done for the start of our school year which is in about a week, so I have been finishing up some of the summer activities I had planned. I had these treasure boxes I purchased at Discount School Supply last year and they never got used, so I decided to pull them out.  I filled 2 different serving trays with all kinds of fun stuff, I decided using the trays when there are so many kids with different styles was a great idea.

This tray has feathers, shells, rick rack, circle sequence, colored chalk, the 3 small bowls next to the tray have gold and silver bells and different shaped sequence.

This tray had pom poms, jewels, glow in the dark beads, a mixture of regular beads, candy hearts (leftover from Valentines Day lol) and the small red bowl to the side has glitter.  

You can see a box with puffy paints, bingo markers, and googley eyes

Each one of the kids got a small bowl with regular elmers glue, and a paint brush. We also used Tacky glue for the bigger items to stick better.

I did have the kids work on trays to keep the mess contained as much as possible.

Ethan had so much fun cutting pipe cleaners, he spent a lot of time doing that!

He used so much glitter on the inside it ended up glued shut...

The finished products!!

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