Ocean/Beach Unit Day 1

Today was day 1 of our school year! When Gabe went down for his nap this after noon I had the kids work for a few hours, on anything on the shelf or anything I had put in their drawers to get done. But everyone seemed to enjoy it, and learn some things along the way!

Here is the spooning activity on the shelves for the next couple weeks, the kids will used the decorated spoon and spoon the marbles onto the suction cups.

Dustin giving it a try

Sorting flip flop erasers, the kids will take kids chop sticks or ice tongs (which Ethan prefers) and separate the erasers according to color into 1 of the 3 bowls

 Dot markers are so much fun!!

Here is how it's stored on the shelf, I got the templates from the Ocean Preschool Pack here, I will be using a bunch of the print outs for the next couple weeks!

Beach sticker scene I found here

This was the first thing Cody worked on!

Dustin hot gluing his wooden castle together, we decided everyones would hold up better hot glued instead of the glue they provided, so Dustin took on that job for the little boys. 

Anthony sanding...

Anthony and Tyson painting their cannon and airplane, Tyson had to stop working to smile, and the one time I got a picture of him working, he said boy that was a horrible picture lol, to cute!! I found the kits at Michaels for $1, and it comes complete with everything! I will say the paint is very staining and the glue doesn't hold them together very well.

This is whats in our guessing jar for the next week, the kids have to put their guesses into a small cup, on Friday, one of the kids will empty the container count them and see who is the winner!

Serena and my friends daughter Kalli, made sail boats with the kids today, I printed off the directions showed the girls where the stuff they were going to need was, they put all the stuff on trays, taught and helped the kids make them. They made 2 different kinds, the 1st was seashell sail boats I found here (we used construction paper and straws for both boats) the 2nd is a simple sailboat I found here, we used some of the milk and juice caps I have stored up, as boats for one and shells I purchased from Home Science Tools a long time ago for the other. 

Ethan so very proud of his sail boat!

Dustin deep in concentration

Anthony carefully placing his sail on (we used non hardening clay we had on hand)

Even Gabe made one, bed head and all!

Here are some of the completed sailboats, ready for a boat race tomorrow and a sink/float experiment!
 I'll have to say the teachers did a great job ;-)

Then the girls made Deviled Egg Sailboats to go with dinner, here is the recipe! The girls had a lot of fun making them, and they were a very yummy "beach" treat! They made them with no help from me at all!!

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