At The Zoo

We decided to take a trip to Binder Park Zoo before the weather gets cold. Since we have such a large family, it is almost always cheaper to buy a yearly pass verses getting in individually, so we now have a year pass!

My sister, niece, best friend, and her 4 kids all joined us for the day.

Watching the wild horses..

 Gabe loving the sunglasses!!

Ethan and Ava measuring up to the Eagle.

I absolutely love this picture!!

After our picnic lunch we took the tram over to "Wild Africa."

Here is Anthony looking through a giraffe periscope at all the animals in the "African Base Camp."

All the animals in "Wild Africa" in a very large exhibit, they also have a spot where you can feed the Giraffe's but it wasn't open when we got there.  We did still have a giraffe come over looking for food, not quite close enough to pet though.

What a wonderful picture of Serena and Dustin!

They look so small next to that Elephant!

We had a wonderful time at the zoo, it was a great field trip to end summer break with!  

Today was our official start of the year, so stay tuned for all the fun we had with our new theme... Transportation!!!

All of my pictures from the zoo were on my camera that is still in the shop, so all of these pictures I have posted were taken and edited by my very talented sister, here is her website!! 

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