Montessori Halloween Fun

I figured since tomorrow is Halloween, I would finally get on and share some of our Montessori Halloween themed works.

Spooning/Transferring: Gabe and Ethan will transfer 1 bean at a time using his pointer and thumb till all the beans are transferred to the other side. The older boys can use the spoon to transfer the beans from one side to the other, but it is harder than it looks if you are not careful the beans spill into the other side!

Spooning/Tonging: Ethan will use the mini spoon and spoon the pom poms into one of the little white bowl according to color. The older boys can use the toast tongs to tong the pom poms into the bowls.

 This is what it looks like sorted into the bowls.

 Lacing Spider Rings: The kids will lace the spider rings onto the shoelace to create a "spider necklace."

 Pencil Sharpening: The kids will pick a pencil and sharpen it with the Halloween sharpener into the little basket, use the little brush to brush off any shavings and then empty the basket of shavings into the trash.

Collage: I have a bunch of planned crafts for the month, but this is one that is being left on the shelf for Ethan to use when ever he wants. I cut a black piece of construction paper in half put some peel and stick Halloween foam shapes, some of our cutting scraps and a few Halloween colored pom poms and pony beads, along with glue, and a cute little pumpkin container to put the papers from the peel and stick foams into.

Pumpkin Lifecycle: I downloaded the pumpkin lifecycle and 3 part cards for free from Montessoriforeveryone, I also purchased the pumpkin basic unit starter set from montessoriprintshop (it's on sale right now) for a bunch of other fun activities we have planned for the next couple weeks.

Number Cards and Counters: I changed our counters for math to go along with our theme. I used some pirate coins, and a little Jack-O-Lantern container to store the counters in, and of course our homemade number cards (which I will eventually get the post up for.)
 When I set this out I was still working on numbers 1-4 with Ethan, since then I have added 1-9 because he flew through the first 4. I am so happy he is finally showing an interest in numbers!

We have our Halloween Sensory bin out for the next few weeks, read more about whats inside in our sensory bin here on my previous post.

Sorting: Ethan will take the top off the mini pumpkin basket, and inside are little plastic acorns in 3 different colors (found at Michaels) he will sort by color into one of the 3 small containers using the spoon or just his fingers.

Here is what it looks like with the lid off and a few sorted into the appropriate little cups

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