Practical Life: Woodworking

Ethan has been into tools lately, he watches Jake build and fix things and wants to try to help. He has sanded wood a lot last summer when Jake was building the kids beds and I was working on all DIY Montessori Materials,  so I figured it was a perfect time to introduce him to something a little harder...

We started with a piece of wood, but unless I started the hole he wasn't able to drill a hole into it himself yet.

 Next we used a scrap of dry wall and he had a lot easier time drilling into that.. I didn't get any pictures but, I ended up getting a cardboard box out, and he was able to do that very independently! He now goes into the boys tool box and pulls the drill out and finds a box and tells me he wants to use his drill

I also worked with Anthony and Dustin on how to properly use a saw, they took turns using the saw for a while and the Drill to when Ethan was done.

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