Reading/Activity Nook

We made our first trip out to Ikea about a month ago, its a 2 1/2 hour drive, so I have been planning and saving for this trip for a while! One of the things I wanted to have upstairs with all of the school stuff now being down stairs is a reading/activity nook. We put it in one of the corners in the living room, and it has been getting lots of use. In the cups I have an eraser and chalk (for the chalk board in the living room) and the other one I am rotating with the activity that I put on the table. Right now it has golf tees and the hammer for the pumpkin hammering  on the table! When Gabe gets a little older and doesn't like to color all over the walls and himself any more, I will add a couple containers with some crayons and markers in them for the kids to be able to color when ever they want.

To make this reading/activity nook I used (everything together less than $50!!)

2 Ribba Picture Ledges from Ikea 
Containers hanging from the picture ledges from Ikea
Children's Table and 2 chairs from Ikea