Friday Art: Blow Art

For our Friday art activirty we did Blow Art with watercolors. It was a great color mixing activity as well as a fun project!

These are the items used to do this project. Eyedroppers with any 2 primary color liquid watercolors (we used blue and yellow), straws, paper, and an enclosed work area. We used our big plastic work bins from Discount School supply, but you could use a box and cut out the front, for a work area as well. I started out with just 2 colors for the kids to use, but once we started doing it I added a 3rd color (red) as well

Use the dropper and add some drops to your paper.

What a great fine motor activity for little ones!!

And Blow! Not only is this a lot of fun, but it is also great sensory input!

The kids repeated till the page was to their liking, and then set them out to dry.

The finished work! Some of the kids did quite a few, they enjoyed it so much!

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