New Works on Our Shelves!

Here are a few of the new works added to our shelves in the last few days.

Tweezing Pom Poms: The kids found this pickle picker this morning and were asking to use it, so I put together a work they could use if for. They pick up each of the cotton balls or pom poms and then put them into a pattern using the pickle grabber. This was a favorite today for all the kids!  

The cotton balls would stick sometimes and have to be pulled off, so I may take the cotton balls out and just replace them with all pom poms.

Tweezing and Sorting: Tweeze the erasers and sort according to color

Frog Puzzle: We have been talking about our class (household) pets. Frogs are one of our pets (we have fire bellied toads), so I added our frog puzzle to the science table along with our hand puzzle.

Heart Poking: I am slowly adding Valentines works to the shelves. I found these cute textured hearts on sticks at the Dollar Tree, and then put some foam out for the kids to poke them in.

The little boys really enjoyed this, especially Ethan, it kept him busy for quite a while!

Snowflake counting: Put clothes pins on the correct number. Ethan is working on number recognition so this is a perfect work for him!

How the cards and clips are stored on the shelf.

 Tweezing snowflakes: Use the strawberry huller to tweeze the snowflakes from one container to the other.

close up of the plastic sparkle snowflakes.

Cleaning Mirrors: The kids enjoyed this work today, I did put this one higher up so if Gabe wants to use it, one of us has to get it down for him and watch him.

Scrubbing the mirrors with cotton swabs dipped in glass cleaner.

Wiping dry with the little cloths

Anthony enjoyed it so much he told me that our magnifying glass was pretty dirty to and cleaned that for me to :)

Magnet Rings: I put this on the shelves this week, and all of the kids tried it. I helped Ethan work on it, and he got the hang of it really fast.

He followed the pattern closely.

He realized that there was going to be a blue one left over and wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

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