The Rest Of Our Week

Our fist week is finished and we had a wonderful time, despite the fact we had a flu bug go through everyone in the house. I am woking on getting things put together for our next couple weeks of our studies, and we have lots of fun winter projects coming up, that I am very exited to share! 

Here is a peek at our Practical Life Shelf after our first week of our new curriculum. The activities that are on the Middle shelf are explained below, for the activities on the top and botton shelf click HERE and HERE for my previous posts about them.

Arctic Animal Scrubbing: I added 2 of the animals from our Arctic Toobz for the kids to scrub instead of a shell.


Pouring Blue Water: I added blue water to our decanter set. The only downside to this set is that when you pour the water back into the decanter, from the cups it spills, even I couldn't help but spill. If anyone has any tips on this I would love to hear them! 

Gabe loves pouring activities and water in it made it even more inticing. He did spill, but he took the towel and wiped it all up.

We have been focusing on 2 different areas in the class this week, Our first was peace in the class. I have read Our Peaceful Classroom a couple times this week to the kids, and love it! The pictures in the book are all made by Montessori children from around the world and are such beautiful pictures. I purchased the book from Parent Child Press.

Here is an example of a couple of the pages. The kids were excited to find out more about the children who created the pictures.

These were the other 2 books we have been reading about Peace in the class this week. I Want To Hear The Quiet is a book about a child who talks about all the day to day noises in a house and the peace that the quiet offers you. I Offer You Peace is a book about peace, that has movements for the kids to follow that leads into the start of our American Sign Language studies for the program. Both of these books were also purchased from Parent Child Press.

The second focus is on Winter, What do People, Animals, Insects, and Plants do in the winter. I started introducing some Arctic animals using our Snow Sensory Bin (Read more about our sensory bin here on a previous post) I am printing off some 3 Part cards for the Arctic Toobz this weekend, I found HERE, so we can play a matching game using the Arctic animals next week. I read the Magic School Bus In The Arctic to the kids on Friday. Cody and Anthony read Arctic Adventure for Silent Reading one day this week.

Cody and Anthony have been using the All About Spelling 1 program and have been really enjoying it.

I have been introducing computer skills to Ethan using Kid Pix, he has gotten pretty good at using it.

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