Snowflake Art

Our Friday art activities theme was snowflakes. I planned 2 different projects for the kids to work on.

The first was an activity I have seen on a few different websites, and thought it would be a simple and fun activity for the kids.  

We put masking tape on the paper in the shape of a snowflake. I have also seen people use painters tape.

Serena helped Anthony make the snowflake on his page with the tape.

Once the tape was down they painted the whole page however they wanted. They had dark blue, light blue, blue sparkle, and purple paint to choose from. 

When they were done painting we carefully pulled off the tape to reveal our snowflakes. It was a very easy and fun project!

Our second project was coffee filter snowflakes, painted with water colors. 

Here are the finished snowflakes. They will be hung in our dining room!

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