The Snowy Day Sensory Bin

The kids were so excited to wake up and finally see snow yesterday. We have had such a weird winter this year, its been in the 40's and 50's and the kids have been riding bikes almost every day, till the snow hit today. 

What a beautiful site, all the trees covered in snow!

Gabe has been fascinated with the snow, but gets cold to fast outside, and doesn't keep his mittens on yet. So I decided to bring the snow in for him. 

I filled one of our empty bins with snow, and buried some of our Arctic Toob contents in the snow.

It was a hit!


Serena decided to eat some of the snow, Cody was telling her that wasn't nice because there won't be snow left if she eats it, lol, I told him not to worry there is plenty outside :-)

Gabe wasn't sure what to think of the cold snow at first.

Then decided to dig in!

 Ethan on a mission to find the igloo.

The kids kept coming back to the bin. We talked about the snow melting, and then put the some of the animals into the water.

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