Digging for Lucky Coins

 With the fact that Valentine's Day is now over, I decided it was time to change our sensory bin out. So our first sensory bin for the next month is....

Digging for "lucky coins," Later on in the month when the kids seem to loose interest in the bin I plan on adding some sand sifters so they can sift for the lucky coins.

So whats in the bin?? 
2 bags of lucky coins I picked up from Big Lots for $1

And sand we had on hand. 

I also added a couple plastic containers to be able to collect the coins in, a few sets of tongs, scoops, a funnel and an old dressing container. This kept the boys busy for a few long periods today. They did end up of course with sand on the ground, but sand is wonderful sensory input and vacuuming is a great practical life skill :)


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