Human Anatomy- Nutrition Unit

We spent some time last week learning about Nutrition.

I purchased, printed off, and laminated the Nutrition set from Montessori Print Shop, so the kids could sort out different foods into the correct food groups. It is a beautiful set with real life pictures of foods.

The set comes with picture cards, definitions, picture labels, and just word labels.

The control chart.

Here is the cards and control sheet stored all in a basket on the science shelves

Anthony was very excited to pick this off the shelves.

Fruit and Vegetable sort using the felt board.

Enchanted Learning had this page about food groups I printed off and laminated and added to our felt board. We talked about portion control and what the USDA recommends 

After discussing the different food groups, the kids worked on this nutrition page, I printed one off for each of the kids to make and add to our lapbook. This page was one of the free printables found in the younger human body lapbook at homeschool Share.

They forgot to read the spot that said don't try to fit all the food on the page....

I also added this page to the felt board for the week. It contains an a-z list of super food and what they do or prevent that makes them "super foods."

The kids filled out this page putting all the super foods putting them all in alphabetical order.

Cody and Anthony read An Apple a Day I printed off from Reading a-z, they also did the comprehension pages to go along with the story.

Check out my Pinterest Nutrition board for lot of great nutrition ideas! Follow Me on Pinterest

 Online Nutrition Unit Resources:

Super Kids Nutrition has the A-Z Super Foods we used along with a bunch of other great nutrition print outs.

Nutrition Interactive has 5 different online games that teach the kids about nutrition.

Spell Outloud has a unit on nutrition with some great ideas.

The Transformation Spot has a great poster to let children see how soda impacts our bodies.

Home School Share has 2 different lapbooks that are free to download, they have a younger kids lapbook and an older kids lapbook.

The First Grade Sweet Life has a great free printable book for kids about nutrition.

Ed Tech has a very large list of nutrition information and online/offline games

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