Valentine's Practical Life

I added the last of the Valentine's Day practical life work on to the shelves this week, here is a peek into the new works added.

Pouring X's and O's: The kids will pour the little X's and O's from one cup to the other. 

Here are the x's and o's that are in the cup. I found them in the dollar section at Target, they are supposed to be used for table scatter, but I decided to use some for Practical Life activities and the others for our math counters the kids have to choose from.

Spooning Hearts: The kids set the sorting tray on a flat surface, use the spoon to pick up one of the hearts and then place it into one of the slots in the sorting tray.

Here is the tray all filled in with the hearts, so pretty. I also found the hearts at Target in the Dollar section, they are really table scatter.

It takes a lot of concentration for them to keep the little heart on the tiny spoon.

Find the letters: Find the letters that are buried in the colored rice and add them to the puzzle.

This was a lot of fun for Ethan and great for letter recognition.

Metal Inset Tracing: Heart inset added with pink tracing paper

Water Transferring: The kids use the dropper to transfer water from one heart container to the other. 

Dustin giving it a try.

Connecting hooks: the kids can hook these together, this has been an absolute favorite for Ethan, so I eventually will get more to add to them.

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