DIY Cheap and Easy Light Table

With all the fun ideas I have seen around Pinterest (my new addiction) using a light table, I really wanted one for our class, but just wasn't willing to pay the money they charge for actual light tables! Eventually I will have Jake make me one, but for now I decided to improvise and use an extra tote we had laying around the house to make our new light table. 

Whats Needed To Make Your Own Light Table?

1- clear storage tote
2- strands of white christmas lights
Fun things to play with on the light table

I put the Christmas lights in the storage bin, flipped the bin over (we used the bottom side of the tote for play since that side had a large flat area), lastly we plugged them in and played! We have 2 different choices this week for the light table both of them were purchased from Discount School Supply, you can find a link to their site on the right side bar!  1. Giant iradescent beads

  2. Tiny little iradescent mosiac pieces. 

I have a ton of light table ideas on my Pinterest board for light table, lots of them are simple DIY ideas, stop by and check some of them out!

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