Human Anatomy- Digestive System

We started out our Digestive System by reading a couple books, starting with our Scholastic You've Got Guts. This series is perfect for Cody and Anthony (2nd-4th graders). 

Our second book was Usborne Flip Flap What Happens To Your Food? 

Here is an example of one of the pages, on the right page you can see one of the flaps closed..

And then here is the flap opened. I was a very fun book the kids really enjoyed reading, the younger kids enjoyed lifting the flaps for us!

We made a replica of a stomach by putting water into a gallon ziplock bag and adding pieces of bread, 

Next the kids acted as the involuntary stomach muscles and squished it around.

We let the bread sit in the water for a little bit to see how the "stomach acids" broke food up.

After we made our stomach models we watched this Magic School Bus episode.

The kids added the digestion book onto their lapbooks.

Stop by and check out my Human Anatomy: Digestive System Pinterest board for other ideas to go along with your Digestive System studies.

Kids Health has a wonderful article about the digestive system, it will even read it to the kids who don't like to read!

Discovery Kids has an online game your Gross and Cool Body

Inner Body has pictures of the digestive system

National Digestive Diseases walks you through the digestive system

Here is a site with 6 different Digestive System experiments for kids.

Spell Outloud has a great digestive System post and a free printable

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