Human Anatomy- Muscular System

We worked on our muscular system unit during our Human Body unit, we started off by reading some of our Human Body books.

The Human body book I picked up from Sams Club has lots of great pictures that were great for the kids to look through, we also looked at the different muscles in our body using the poster that came in the book.

 The boys used the light on the otoscope to test the muscles in your pupils.

Anthony was quite surprised at the results lol.

 The kids finished off our muscular unit by making a model of the muscles in your arm. This activity came from our Blood and Guts book.

I decided instead of each kid having to make their own, they would work in teams. So Anthony and Serena were on one team.

Dustin and Cody were on another team. They started by cutting their boxes to represent the bones.

 This was as far as the 2 of them got, I decided they should not work together in a group again. Dustin ended up leaving and letting Cody finish. So Cody joined Serena and Anthony in finishing the model.

Adding the holes to put in the paperclips as the joints

Balloons were used to represent what the muscles look like being used and relaxed. I went to get Ethan at school while the kids finished up, and they forgot to take pictures for me. So I don't have any pictures of the finished up model...

Over the weekend to introduce the muscular and review the skeletal system, the kids played the muscle and skeletal version of the game Some Body. The game has been a great resource to continue learning the names of the different body parts. There are 5 different games to play, we played the Body Parts game a couple weeks ago.

We did some different stretches to recognize different muscles at work

The kids also added their types of Muscles book to their Human Body Lapbooks. They included facts and where in the body each muscle was found.

I have some resources for the muscular system on my Human Anatomy: Muscular System Pinterest Board.

Other Muscular System Resources:

Kids Health has muscuar system facts and a full diagram of your joints and muscles, they also have a short movie about the muscular system for younger kids

Discovery Kids has some fun facts and answers questions about the muscular system.

How stuff works has an in depth discussion about how your muscles work geared twords older kids

Inner Body has an interactive muscular system diagram

Wikipedia has a lot of information along with a labeled diagram of the muscular system

Please stop by and see all the great places I link up with, it's where I get lots of great ideas!

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