Human Anatomy- The Respiratory System

The respiratory system has been a great study for us as a family, since we have had lots of real world experiences with problems of the respiratory system. Cody had pneumonia for almost 2 straight years along with severe asthma and severe allergies, he continues to take 9 different meds and gets allergy shots just to keep him stable, Dustin and I have had both had a pneumothorax (hole in lung) and had to have a chest tubes put in. 

To go along with our respiratory system we made a lung model using a 2 liter bottle, plastic bag, balloon, and a rubber band. I seen the idea on the Human Body unit on Spell Outloud.

Serena started preparing the plastic bag for the model.

I worked to attach the plastic bag, Serena was in charge of pictures!

 The boys intently watched me finish the lung model...

 They were very excited to try the lung model. 

The kids also added the respiratory parts to their Human Body Lapbook.

I have some other Respiratory System Ideas on my Human Anatomy-Respritory System board on Pinterest!

Respiratory System Resources:

Kids Health has information, and a video about getting a breathing test, they also have a great Video about the respiratory system

Discovery Kids answers a bunch of questions about the respiratory system.

Inside the body has tons of online games, facts

Science Museum of Minnesota has the lung model we made for our unit, they also have an animation of your lungs at work.

E-Learning for kids has an interactive respiratory system model

Kscience has a drop an drag labels for the respiratory system

Bellville Public Schools has some amazing lung facts that were very interesting!

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