Some Body

We have been working our way through the human body, so I figured it was time to do a little review and play our Some Body board game.

Here is the board game, each player gets their own along with a sheet of with the different body parts that are removable stickers. There are 5 different games to choose from 1. Doctor's Office 2. Build SomeBody 3. Match SomeBody 4. SomeBody's Fishing 5. SomeBody Muscles and Bones. This time the kids played Build SomeBody this time.

Because it was the first time we played the game I left the answer chart out for the kids to use as a reference, the next time we play they shouldn't really need to use it.

Ethan and Dustin played the game together, because Ethan was very intent on playing.

He would have someone read the card, and then attempt to read it himself.

There are cards the kids choose from that have them do something that involves trying to control an automatic reflex. One of them, Anthony picked had him hold around his neck and swallow to feel the muscles that help you swallow.

Ethan decided that he wanted to try it to!

Here is a mostly completed some body board. It was a wonderful way for the kids to review the body parts, the kids really enjoyed it!

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