Toddler Easter Eggs

I seen a post with this great idea of making toddler touch boards, and thought it would fit perfectly into our 5 senses unit last week and be a great way for Gabe to feel included in our lesson. 

I used these sticky boards and just peeled the paper off and added the sand and buttons. The regular pastel pom poms I originally used didn't stick to the boards, but the sparkly pom poms did. The feathers also wouldn't stick, so I added some glue to help them stick. You could also cut out any shape onto cardboard and use double sided tape or glue to stick the items on. Gabe has enjoyed feeling them and going over the different textures, it's also a great lesson on being gentle, which is so hard for little ones his age!

Our first touch board is a sand board for a rough feeling.

Our second board was a feather board, for a soft feel.

The third board is buttons for a smooth feeling.

Lastly is the glitter pom pom board for a bumpy feeling!

Here is a look at all 4 of the boards together, I will be adding them to our toddler drawers for our 5 senses work, and then keeping them in as long as Gabe is interested in them.

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