Friday Art: Oil Pastel Eggs

I didn't post a Friday art project last week, due to the fact we did a 2 week long project, to give them time to dry. I cut out egg shapes for everyone the best I could, onto a 9x12 piece of black construction paper.

 The kids started it last week, by tracing their designs onto their eggs.

After they traced their design onto their eggs, they used white glue and covered their designs. We let ours sit for a week, but after 24 hours they will be dry, even if you have really thick spots.
Here is Ethan's.

Here's Cody's he made his favorite character on his, which didn't surprise me!

Serena worked hard to make patterns onto hers!

This is what they looked like after the glue was dried!

On Friday the kids finished their eggs, by coloring around the glue with oil pastels.

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