Friday Art: Stained Glass Butterflies

This past Friday we did a Friday Art project, and of course it was butterfly themed to go along with our Butterfly work for the week. This project was found in my Spring Idea Book (purchased for $1 during Scholastic Dollar Days) 

We printed off our butterfly template from our Spring Idea Book, but you could use any butterfly pattern. I taped the butterfly to the table and then laid saran wrap over the butterfly making it as wrinkle free as possible and then taped the saran wrap to the table as tight as we could get it.

Next we outlined the black lines using our black permanent marker.

These were the colored sharpie markers they had to choose from.

Next we colored inside the butterfly using our colored sharpie markers. We did learn if they press down to hard at all it tears the saran wrap, but it didn't show up at all on the finished project!

Ethan's butterfly all colored in, with mommy's help to finish.

After you finish coloring the butterfly in, you take a piece of tin foil a little bigger than your paper plate, and crumble it up, carefully open it up and tape in place over your paper plate. Next very carefully peel off the tape holding the butterfly to the table, lay the saran wrap over the tin foil on the plate and tape into place!

The tin foil makes them look like they are stained glass.

Cody's and Ethan's on the window in the dining room. 

Here are all of the kid's finished on the window in the dining room. They turned out so beautiful!

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