Life Cycle Of A Butterfly Up Close

We are so lucky to have one of the biggest temporary exhibit of butterflies in the nation very close by, so we have taken advantage of it just about every year for the last 10 years. Since our family has grown we now purchase a family membership to the Gardens and enjoy all the great things they have to offer year round! 

Here is a look at our group pictures over the years of going to the gardens.

The Arid Garden

The kids always enjoy looking at all the different cactuses.

The Carnivorous Plant House

Serena exploring the Venus Flytraps that actually have bugs inside some!

A tropical Pitcher Plant

 Caterpillar and chrysalis stages:
Caterpillar munching on a leaf.

A chrysalis at the top of a mirror!

A caterpillar in the process of turning into a cocoon.

Gabriel was very excited to watch the caterpillar moving around on the flower pot! 

Ethan exploring the different stages of the butterfly with a magnifying glass.

The kids enjoyed throwing pennies in the wishing pond.

The Butterflies exhibit:
 Here are some of the beautiful butterflies that we seen inside the butterfly exhibit!

Inside the butterfly exhibit there is a small area set up where they keep all the chrysalis, there are tons of them, and chances are one will be emerging from the cocoon when your watching!

Did You Know?

A very cool water wall, it is very hard for the little ones to just look and not touch the water!

The Children's Gardens:
After visiting the butterflies we headed down to the Children's Garden to do some exploring in there.

The little door to get into the gardens is always a fun place to stop!

One of the kids favorite places on warm days is the Great Lakes exhibit. It is a large water area that is in the shape of the Great Lakes, and the ground around the lakes are the different states! The kids can play with boats in the water, and we always bring a change of clothes for this special area!

Behind the Great Lakes exhibit there is a large water wall the kids can play in.

The Senses Garden:

After the Great Lakes we explored the senses garden, it is a children's garden set up for the kids to explore their 5 senses! 

The sense of smell, turn the dial and smell under the nose for a nice smell.

Then explore the hyacinths beautiful smell.

Sense of sound: Listen in the ear...

To your friends playing some music

Sense of touch: Each finger tip has a different texture for the kids to feel.

The lambs ear plant is so soft and nice to feel!

Sense of sight: Look into the periscope and see all over the gardens!

Spin the senses wheel!

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