Lots Of Butterfly Work

We have been taking a break from our space studies last week and are working on our butterfly studies to go along with our trip to the Butterfly Gardens. I have been collecting butterfly themed work for a few weeks now from online, I have included a link with each activity below so if you are interested in using they can be easily found.

Here is a quick look at some of the activities that were stored in my Butterfly Themed Folder for the kids Butterfly Unit!

Ethan's favorite as usual is still the cutting strips, which have been changed to butterflies for now.

After he cut out the butterflies he glued them onto a page and made a collage out of them

Gabriel used our Power Magnets and added them to our Butterflies.

Ethan wanted to try it out to! I love how colorful they are when completed.
Ethan put together a Butterfly Book about the Lifecycle Of The Butterfly. Then made it into a caterpillar.

I cannot believe how well he is writing his name now!

Ethan decorated a page using our Butterfly stickers

Ethan played a caterpillar game and matched the number of flowers to the correct number on the caterpillar.

Here is what the finished caterpillar looks like!

Serena, Cody and Anthony did a Butterfly 100 chart.

Ethan used the shape blocks to make a butterfly.

Cody and Anthony worked on a Butterfly Book I printed off. (Purchased during Scholastic $1 Days Sale)

Butterfly Symmetry is a new file folder game I made for Ethan, it was downloaded from Kids Soup. 

The first time Ethan played the butterflies kept sliding around, so I ended up adding a piece of velcro to the folder and the pieces.

Here is the game completed. Ethan has enjoyed this game so far and has completed it a few times already!

Anthony played a caterpillar addition and subtraction game.

The circles contain the problem and the caterpillar has the answers. 

I printed off 6 different butterfly coloring pages and the kids made a butterfly coloring book, at the end they wrote a paper on their experience at the Butterfly Gardens, and added it to their coloring books.

Cody showing off one of his coloring book pages! He has really enjoyed having the coloring pages to do in the morning when he is finished with all of his work for the day.

One of the things that Ethan's teachers send home for parents is the Scholastic Let's Find Out it was something a fundraiser paid for, 1 for this month was about Butterflies, so we read through and answered all the questions.

The work page on the back he had to count the legs to see which ones were insects, he needed my help a little but completed most of it independently.

 A butterfly maze with the hint of following all the numbers through the puzzle, which he did no problem.

Ethan also worked on the extra work pages on skip counting, getting all the answers right. I cannot believe how well he spelled his name on this page!

Here are a few other activities we did this week on butterflies that I didn't get pictures of.

Anthony used our Butterfly Compound words game to practice his language a couple times.
Ethan worked on lacing the butterfly.

Ethan laced the butterfly while we were waiting for our eye doctor appointment this week.

Ethan used our Montessori Butterfly Match game, and Anthony and Cody played a game of  Butterfly Memory. 

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