More Easter Trays!

Last week I added a couple new Easter practical life works to the shelves. We have some other fun Easter Trays out that I blogged about perviously, these are added to those.

For this the kids will use the strawberry huller (mysteriously vanished for the picture lol) and transfer the mini Easter erasers from one Easter dish to the other.

This is a very simple work, set both baskets on the table and transfer the eggs from one basket to the other using the tongs. 

Ethan giving it a try...

For this I used Easter Egg coloring cups I had around the house, and used some eggs from the Dollar store that were meant to be hung on an Easter tree, but I just cut the string off and the kids can sort the eggs into the correct colored container.

They can use their hands, or the little Easter bunny tongs.

Ethan really enjoyed this one, and played with a quite a few times! 

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