Our Space Shelves

We have been having lots of fun getting into our space unit, here are some of the things we have added to the shelves for our space unit.

We added some solar system window clings to the dining room window for the kids to play with.
We added some of our space books.

Here are our science shelves changed out from our Human Body unit to our space unit. I will be adding to the shelves as our studies continue.

We have a layers of the earth puzzle.

I found this awesome book at the thrift store, each page is a puzzle of each of the different planets.

We have a robots activity book and a Create Your Own Robot both are Little Dover activity books.

Space information cards in a basket, the front of the card contains a picture

The back contains facts and information. I found these in the Dollar Section at Target a few months ago.

Space stamping using space themed stamps
We added a couple new posters to the classroom walls.

Space Practical Life:

With the work the kids have to take the stars and put them into a star ice cube tray, the hard part is that the stars fit perfectly into the ice cube tray!

Tonging astronaut/ satellite/ planet erasers from the star bowl into the black bowl.

Using the mustard spoon to pick up a "planet" and add it to one of the suction cups on the stars.

Ethan was very excited to get this off the shelf while I was setting everything up!

This was a wonderful work for fine motor skills, he really had to concentrate!

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