Outer Space Sensory Bin

Because we will be involved in space studies for the next month or so I made an Outer Space Sensory Bin for the boys.

What's Inside The Bin?

Grey Moon Sand
Safari LTD Space Toobz
Misc Glass Vase fillers
Glow In The Dark Stars 
3 Different bowls

I took it out and it was a hit! We took the astronauts from our Space Toobz and made prints in the moon sand. I would suggest putting the moon sand onto a surface that can be swept up, the moon sand is crumbly, but was very easily swept up.

We also counted backwards from 10 and then blasted off the rockets.

We counted out "moon rocks" while making space pies.

The "moon rocks" had to be pushed into the sand which was great fine motor skills!

Of course we scooped and filled the bowls with our Moon Sand

We also enjoyed taking the stars off, sorting them into small, medium, and large stars, and counting them out loud as we put them on. He is working on counting to 100 right now!

Stop by and check out my Pinterest Space board for lots of other great ideas to add to your space unit!

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