Time 4 Learning Review

We were given the opportunity to review Time 4 Learning online curriculum for the last month with 4 of our children, we did not use the curriculum as a core, but as a suppliment to the lessons we were learning together as a family.

What is Time 4 Learning?
Time 4 Learning is an online interactive curriculum that covers Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math, as well as fun games on the Playground. The lessons are animated and have interactive activities to reinforce concepts. They also include printable worksheets that help further reinforce the concepts.

Dustin, Cody, Anthony, and Ethan were all able to try the curriculum, Ethan really enjoyed the lessons he learned some new things from the program and would frequently ask to get on. Cody, Dustin, and Anthony had enjoyed the curriculum, but said that some of the lessons were slow, and they would get bored with them quick. 

Benefits to Time 4 Learning

Downsides of Time 4 Learning
Time 4 Learning memberships can be purchased for $19.95 per month for the first child, and a discounted rate of 14.95 for each additional child added. There are no long term commitments and you can cancel at any time! They also will give you a 2 week money back guarantee on your membership fees.

Disclaimer: We were given a free month trial of Time 4 Learning in return for our honest opinions. My opinions are are my own and not influenced by the free product.