Astronomy: The Moon Phases

With our Astronomy unit we started in on our studies on the Moon. We started by reading The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons.

I seen this great post and used one of her ideas for our moon phases project. We used a 12x18" sheet of construction paper folded it in half length wise, and then divided it into 8 sections (1 for each moon phase) and cut a flap for each one. The label will be on the front and when the flap is lifted up they can read the definition of each phase.

The kids cut out each phase of the moon out of yellow or white construction paper, then glued them in order onto each of their flaps in order of the phases of the moon.

They labeled each phase on each flap

Here is the front of a couple of them, under each flap they glued the definitions for each phase of the moon. I typed the phases of the moon onto a document so they didn't have to write about each phase.

Here is the Moon Phases definitions download if anyone is interested, it is just a basic printable with the definitions I had the kids use for our Moon Phases project.

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