Astronomy: The Sun

We studied the sun for our space unit. We have done lots of projects and hands on learning, and the kids learned about lots of new information.

We started by watching a couple videos about solar flares, in looking for videos we learned about the solar flare of 2012 that is supposed to be a very bad flare this year, they are predicting that it will reek lots of havoc on our technology and power systems. Serena has been researching more in depth about the solar flares, as this has been very interesting for her!

We went outside and traced our shadows on the driveway at different times through out the day, this was a great activity to let the kids really see the sun moves during the day (which I did not get pictures of) The kids used our Sun puzzle from our space book of puzzles.

The kids each made their own solar flip book I printed out.

We made a solar oven out of an old pizza box and cooked marshmallows in it, using nothing but the suns energy!

Here is an awesome video on the Aurora Borellas in Norway due to the solar flare that has already started on the sun, check it out it is an amazing video, it so very beautiful!

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