DIY Balance Beam

We have been using our Sensory Tables tons lately, one of the other projects I had for Jake to work on was a DIY Balance beam

I originally gave Jake a couple pictures of DIY balance beams I found on the internet to look at, he ended up not using them because he didn't have a saw to cut a notch in the wood, he came up with a way of his own to make one using the saws we did have.

Total cost to make the balance beam? Only $3 (we had the screws, saws, and sandpaper on hand) well worth the investment!!!
Time needed: about 30 min to cut, screw together, and sand it down.
Materials needed: 1-2x4x8, 4- 2" wood screws, saw to cut the wood, sand paper to sand any rough spots.

Directions: First start by cutting your piece out for the balance beam, we cut ours 60" long which is a great size in my opinion, next cut 2 pieces off the 2x4 4" long, and lastly cut 4 pieces off the 2x4 3" long. Below is a picture of one of the ends so you can see how it was screwed together, you can't see in the picture that there are 2 screws from the bottom up into the beam to hold that in place as well. It is that simple!

Here is a picture of the finished balance beam.

Ethan giving it a try, him and all the boys have very much loved the balance beam, it will be a great addition to our sensory room! It has held up so far to all the boys playing on it and I'm sure it will get many years of use.

If anyone decides to make one I would love to see it, leave a comment with where you posted it and I will stop by and check it out!!

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