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Gabe and Ethan have both been wanting to use our Grammar Farm for a while, I finally got around to putting it out and introducing the grammar farm and all the parts. My first step with the grammar farm was mainly for introduction, so I could be sure they were familiar with the names of everything. I am planning on having them use Montessori Cards to match the animals and farm equipment up to next.

Not only was it a wonderful way to practice vocabulary, it was also a great lesson on learning to take turns as well :)

Shoveling the dirt into the back of the tractor, and Gabe saying "please"

Here is a close up of the little rows of growing vegetable. The kids loved to take the vegetables out and put them back into the "ground."

The grammar farm has been much loved by the boys so far, I hope the rest of the kids enjoy doing grammar with it just as much!

What Did We Do All Day, has a beautiful farm set up, stop be and check it out, she also has a couple new lessons using the Grammar Farm for ideas on how to start!

Deb at Living Montessori Now has a very big list of Grammar Farm resources, this is a resource I use often for our lessons!

We will be using the Montessori Grammar Farm Cards from Montessori Print Shop with our Grammar Farm. 

Here are some farm accessories, most of them we have in our farm set. I did however purchase the farm set from Discount School Supply using a 20% off coupon (link below) due to the fact it was the best deal on a farm set I could find.

Below is a link to Discount School Supply for our farm set, and the set of animals we purchased as well.

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