Practical Life Projects For Upper Elementary

We have been working on getting our garden area ready for the season, I hoped to have it already finished for the year, but better late then never :) Serena and Dustin are the ones in charge of our garden for the year for their summer science project Jake helped them get everything planned out.

Ethan has been more than glad to help prepare the garden area in any way he can from digging, to carrying wood he loves being outside more than anything and is where he is happiest!

 Serena worked to get the planters filled with dirt, flowers, and some strawberry plants!

Dustin has officially passed "Jake's driving school"and is now able to use the tractor to mow the lawn!! Part of mowing the yard means learning the matience the tractor requires. Here is Jake teaching Dustin how to do an oil change on the tractor.

Checking the dipstick to see how good the oil level is.

The kids found Monarch Butterfly eggs and have been observing them the last week.

Their first egg hatched this weekend and they have a VERY tiny caterpillar, they have been very much enjoying watching the process so far.

 Dustin and Ethan made a fort in the yard during their lunch break on Friday, and then they played in in for hours after school.

Dustin took this picture of Gabe and Ethan in front of their fort!

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