How We Plan Our Year For 6 Blessings

Welcome to day 3 of the Back to Homeschool Hop where more than 70 bloggers are teaming up to share all kids of wonderful homeschooling advice!

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For the next 2 days we will be talking about different subjects pertaining to "Back to Homeschool" I am participating in 4 of the topics being explored. The schedule for the week for me is as follows:

Monday: Homeschool Methods: Talking about what homeschool methods we use, and why we have choose them, and some of our experiences with these methods.  

Tuesday: Homeschool Curriculum: I will be outlining our curriculum choices for the year, including what classes we choose for our first year of homeschooling a High Schooler! 

Wednesday:  Homeschool Planning (Today): I will be sharing how I plan for our upcoming school year, and giving some helpful advice on planning.

Thursday: Homeschool Classroom: Since we have already shared what our schoolroom looks like for the year, I am finally sharing what our sensory motor room looks like instead!

Planning for your upcoming school is something that has taken me years of getting right, and things still are being perfected on my system to make things more efficient for our family. During my experiences I have learned a very important thing about myself, that it is best for me to print all of my pages off for the entire year in advance, for 2 reasons 1) I'm either doing school all week and printing and filing all weekend and never get a break or 2) I don't print off everything that is needed and then not everything I had planned gets done. I have found that by printing everything for the whole year, laminating, cutting, and filing well in advance helps me be more accountable as a homeschool parent and helps me to know where everything is when I need it which has saved me lots of time. 

Today I am going to outline what I go through while planning our homeschool year for our 6 blessings.

    1. I start adding my subjects to the left column under the week, I add one subject at a time and then copy and paste onto each week through the whole year. There are a couple that have more than one subject in them to fit everything needed to get done. 
    2. Next I number the days of the year along the top, I do not fill in a date until we actually complete each day of school so there are no expectations as to when each week needs to be done (As you can see the screenshot was taken before we started school)
    3. Lastly fill in each day with the required work, the best way I have found to do this is to decide what classes you want to do on what days of the week ex. every day, 3 days a week, once weekly. Fill them into your calendar using the Table Of Contents which will tell you each lesson. 

and about 1/3 of our Montessori Books.

That is how our homeschool planning comes together for homeschooling 6 blessings. Make sure to stop by tomorrow as I reveal our Sensory Motor Room.

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