Beach/Ocean Sensory Bin

Welcome back to part 2 of our beach and ocean theme. Sunday I shared our beach and ocean shelves, today I am talking about our Sensory Bins for our beach and ocean weeks.

Because I have been so busy planning for the upcoming school year, and getting everyone back into our school routines, I haven't been adding many new sensory bins, I will say we have been using many of our previous bins but many of them outside while the boys are playing! With the start of our school year I thought it would be fun to add a new sensory bin in the school room, and because we were focusing on beach and ocean the first 2 weeks of school, I made a new beach and ocean sensory bin. 

One of the sensory bins has floam, in all different colors, I purchased a big pack of floam from Discount School Supply. 

The colors are so vibrant, and most of them are sparkly to! The colors didn't stay so vibrant for very long, the boys played with it so much they mixed all the colors together. 

In the second sensory bin we had our ocean animals, and some beach sand molds. Both were wonderful for working on ocean animal vocabulary with the 2 younger boys, and of course fun to put into the floam to!

The floam lasted for about a week, and in our house I think thats pretty good, considering all the boys enjoyed playing with it as well! 

For week 2 of our Beach and Ocean I pulled out our old beach sensory bin from our beach and ocean themed week from last year and the boys enjoyed that as well!

We used the following sensory bin last year with our beach and ocean unit.

Stop back on Wednesday for part 3 of the series, where I will be sharing our beach and ocean activity using our sensory swing!

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We made lots of yummy food last year, which included a beach cake, sailboat deviled eggs, goldfish edible aquariumoctopus and noodles, and sailboat sandwiches.

 Ocean in a bottle

 Sailboat races using the boats each of the kids made 

Ocean animal estimation

 Ocean felt playmat

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