Moments To Remember: The Beach

Welcome to part 5 the last day of our beach and ocean unit! For anyone just joining us, I have split our beach and ocean unit up into 5 different posts and am posting them every other day, the last four days topics were,

    Today I am sharing our beach field trip, beacuse a beach and ocean unit wouldn't be complete without one! While we went on our beach field trip we had 2 extra kiddos with us because Momma Of 4 Cutiez husband was having surgery, and I took 2 of her kids for her to help out.


    For other beach/ocean ideas stop over and see all the great ideas on my Beach/Ocean Pinterest board.

    For even more great beach and ocean ideas stop over and see some of the fun things we did last year for our beach and ocean unit!

    We made lots of yummy food last year, which included a beach cake, sailboat deviled eggs, goldfish edible aquariumoctopus and noodles, and sailboat sandwiches.

     Ocean in a bottle

     Sailboat races using the boats each of the kids made 

    Ocean animal estimation

     Ocean felt playmat

    I am linking up with these great linky parties!

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