50+ Halloween and Fall Ideas

Through the years we have enjoyed lots of different Fall/Halloween projects so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of Halloween and Fall ideas, they are all things we have done through the years with our kids. I hope you find some fun new ideas to try with your kids!

1. Learn about the Skeletal system and make "noodle Skeletons"
2. Make flubber. All you need is borax, glue, and food coloring.

3. Glue pieces of tissue paper to a leaf cut from construction paper.

4. Make Halloween Crayons using dollar store ice cube trays.

5. Make a Fall Sensory Bin

6. Make a Halloween Sensory Bin.

7. Press fall leaves and decorate a window with them.
8. Decorate the outline of a leaf with glue and glitter.

9. Make an orange Halloween bracelet- It's awesome fine motor practice!!

10. Make a scarecrow using a paper plate.

11. Set out some Fall flowers for your kids to arrange.

12. Use dollar store borders and let your little one practice cutting! Use the cut pieces to let them make a Halloween collage!!

13. Separate acorns by colors, using fingers or a little scoop.

14. Go pick out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch.

15. Practice scooping black beans.

16. Thread spider rings on a string.

17. Practice sharpening Halloween and Fall pencils.

18. Practice picking up and sorting small pom poms using tongs or spoon

19. Play in leaf piles.

20. Open ended art project.

21. Sort plastic acorns by size.

22. Sift tractor pieces out of rice.

23. Use plastic coins as counters.

24. Practice putting erasers onto Halloween Pencils.

25. Rip pieces of fall colored crepe paper and glue them onto a pumpkin.
26. Put pipe cleaners into a salt/pepper shaker.

27. Learn about the lifecycle of a pumpkin.

28. Practice cutting with Halloween and Fall cutting strips.

29. Put fall food picks into styrofoam pieces.

30. Make pumpkin scented playdoh, use cookie cutters and black beans to make faces on pumpkins.

31. Pull corn off of cobs using fingers or tweezers.

32. Scoop corn from one bowl to the other.

 33. Play on tractors.

34. Find your way through a fall maze

35.  Make a Halloween/Fall open and close basket with fun Halloween prizes inside.

36. Decorate pumpkin cookies with orange frosting and halloween sprinkles.

37. Dye pasta orange and black and make pattern necklaces with the noodles

38. Make glowing Halloween Decorations.

39. Color, cut and glue on pumpkins sorting them by size.

40. Make a footprint ghost using cotton balls.

41. Finger paint a pumpkin.

42. Play Pin the mouth on the pumpkin.

43. Swing and jump into hay.

44. Get Halloween Face Paintings.

45. Make a Pumpkin Facts Book.

 46. Play Pumpkin Addition Game.

47. Hammer golf tees into a pumpkin.

48. Read Halloween and Fall books.

 49. Leaf Pin Poking activity using a leaf stencil. 

50. Visit a farm and learn about the animals.

51. Make Fall leaves using old crayons.

52. Paint Halloween wood shapes and make Halloween Magnets.

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