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Something that is very important in our house is daily devotionals. Taking time out of our busy day to start our day in God's word, it starts our day out refreshed and ready for whatever challanges get thrown our way for the day! So when given the opportunity to review the Deep Blue Kids Bible from Abingdon Press I was very excited to add some new fun into our morning devotionals!

The Deep Blue Kids bible is so much more than just another Kids Bible, it uses fun characters to bring children on a journey of fun while learning all about God's word. It is a bible that is so simple to understand children ages 7-12 can read it independently and understand what is being taught, learn important character traits, find out how to put God's word into their own daily lives, and even work on scripture memorization.

Deep Blue Kids Bible has a section that is called God's thoughts, My thoughts that they use the 3 adorable and fun characters Asia, Edgar and Kat that are found through out the bible. They help kids put God's word in terms of their lives today, in words that are easily understood and then shows kids how they can work on those areas in their own lives.

The Deep Blue Kids Bible offers an in depth and easy to understand bible for kids some of the features that make this bible fun and unique for kids include,

The Deep Blue Kids Bible has color-icons through out and illustrations throughout that really help you understand what is being read and also help you dig deeper into the topics.
As the Deep Blue Kids Bible goes through the bible they include beautiful detailed pictures that include the Deep Blue Bible characters as they go along for the adventures, here are a few of the examples found through out this Bible. 

There are 8 colorful maps included in this bible are National Geographic maps they are beautiful and accurate maps for kids to understand where events are taking place.

The Deep Blue Kids Bible site offers a few different videos about this bible and has other parents telling what they have enjoyed about The Deep Blue Kids Bible, to find out more head over and watch the videos for yourself!

What Did We Think Of Deep Blue Kids Bible?
Reading our bible to start our day is something we all love, adding all the fun aspects that the Deep Blue Kids Bible has to offer has been wonderful for all of my children and myself. We have been finishing reading the book of Ester and using this Bible to do it, there are many aspects that this bible has brought into our study, it has taught us more about the person Ester was, and reasonings for things happening in the story. It explained to the kids some more detail about the words being used so they have been able to have a clearer understanding about the story. It also had brought to light some of the positive and negative character traits that different people through the book of Ester.

Because of all the helps through out your reading this will be a bible Anthony (8) will take over. He will be able to do daily bible reading by him self without having to wonder what is really going on. He will even be able to use the verses that are given for personal verse memorization! I have decided I am going to be getting a couple more as Christmas Gifts for a couple more of my kiddos, the Deep Blue Kids Bible is that much of a help and that wonderful!!

Overall this is a wonderful independent reading bible for 7-12 year olds they will not only be able to work on personal bible reading but understand whats being read, dig deeper into topics being discussed, work on verse memorization, work on building positive character traits and learn to recoginize bad character traits.

I would recommend this to parents with children of any age if reading as a family or group, and I feel that children 7-12 year old could independently read this bible, Th Deep Blue Kids Bible teaches children to really understand God's word, and will for us and also how to build a personal relationship with Christ and work on their Christian character building!

What is the Cost of Deep Blue Bible?
Deep Blue Kids Bible site tells you where you can purchase the Bible from, the cheapest found from what I have been told, has been Amazon.

The Deep Blue Kids Bible comes with 5 different cover choices to appeal to all kids, below are the choices.

The Deep Blue Kids Bible Hardcover

The Deep Blue Kids Bible Image Flex Cover


The Deep Blue Kids Bible Deco Tone Midnight Splash


The Deep Blue Kids Bible Deco Tone White Splash

The Deep Blue Kids Bible Imitation Leather Burgundy 

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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was provided with a copy of the Deep Blue Kids Bible at no cost to me, in return for my homest review of the product. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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