Christmas Cutting Strips

I have been dealing with lots of health issues with myself lately. Trying to find the right meds to get my rheumatoid arthritis under control has been and still is a long process. My rheumatologist is located 2 1/2 hours away and even longer is we come up against traffic jams, construction, or bad weather. We have decided that even though Serena is old enough to watch all the kids on her own, it is easier to bring Ethan with us so that she is just in charge of 1 of the little boys for what usually ends up lasting pretty much the whole day.

If I bring things to keep him busy even though he is my sensory seeking kiddo that cannot sit still, he is great through the long car ride! I am so grateful that he has gotten used to the long car rides, because the medicine infusions that I will be starting will make us have to make the long drive every 2 weeks for the next month and a half, hopefully after that I can do them myself at home.

Our tested and approved things to bring on a long car rides for a 3-5 year old are:

I store all the different items he can use on the trips in an Ikea tub and set it in the seat next to him, so he can grab whatever he wants and put the stuff away when he is done.

Our last trip out to the Dr. I decided to bring along our Christmas Cutting Strips, scissors, glue stick, and paper and he spent over an hour working on cutting out his Christmas strips, gluing them, and finally arranging each one carefully on his page. Cutting strips has been one thing that Ethan has especially enjoyed using regularly, he just never seems to tire using them. Thankfully Montessori Print Shop offers all different themed Cutting Strips!


The finished page, one of many pages made already this year!

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