Easter Egg Decorating ~ Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of our Easter Egg decorating ideas, after the directions and pictures I have links to day 1-3 for anyone who missed any of those days!

For Day 4 ~ Our idea came from this Pinterest idea, well lets just say ours did not turn out anything like theirs looked like. The rubber bands were hard to get on the eggs without breaking the eggs, Dustin tried masking tape and that just came off in the water. So I think if we try these again we would definitely recommend using painters tape.

Supplies Needed:

  1. I had Dustin separate his Easter dyes and had light colors in one area and dark colors in another area. First dye your eggs completely with a light color.
  2. Put rubber bands onto your eggs. 
  3. Dip your eggs into a slightly darker color.
  4. Remove some of your rubber bands leave some covering your lighter colors.
  5. Dip into a darker color. 
  6. Remove the rest of your rubber bands. 

Here we added the eggs to some of our lighter colors.After they had a light color on them, we added the rubber bands and put them into a slightly darker color.

Like I said Dusting tried to use masking tape for the lines instead of the rubber bands, but it didn't work so well and the tape ended up just falling off in the cups of dye. Next time we will use some very thin painters tape instead.

 Our stripes did not turn out like the Pinterest project we found. But they turned out pretty neat looking! Next year we will be trying the project using painters tape instead of rubber bands!

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