St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

We have put together another fun St. Patrick's Day Sensory bin for the kids to play in. Sensory Bins are something my 2 younger boys and even sometimes the older kids enjoy playing in, we add in learning aspects to our bins, and the kids work on misc fine motor skills while playing. Some bins are messier then others but most of our bins are easily cleaned up so the boys who made the mess can help clean in up!

What's Inside The Bin:
Here is our Rainbow Rice we made for a previous sensory bin we made and reused it for our filler in this sensory bin. I also shared this tutorial on how to make your own rainbow rice.

Here is the rainbow cording, St. Patrick's Day Necklaces, and the mini St. Patrick's Day mugs.

Here are the St. Patrick's Day Bandz, the St. Patrick's Day Foam Beads,   and  the black pots

As you can see the mugs are a perfect size for scooping up the rice in the bin!

Here is the bin all put together before the kids dug in! We made pattern using the light and dark foam beads, counted by 5's and 10's using the foam beads, practiced scooping into the black kettles, practiced cutting with the rainbow cording, used the St. Patrick's Day Coins to count, and more!

The kids added a garbage and monster truck into our bin :) They loved playing in the bin!

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